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Our team of simultaneous interpreters (Russian-Spanish) worked at The Подробнее...

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Our interpreters are skillful and flexible specialists - working at Th Подробнее...

More than 20 years we are trusted by

Our company management expresses sincere gratitude for your work! The interpreters were great and special thanks are extended to the interpreter of French. I suppose, in the future we will continue the collaboration with your company in such events.

2men Group

We give our thanks to your professional specialists for their work in somewhat extreme conditions. Everything was done in time and went as planned, the delegates were fully equipped with headsets. Thank you once again, we are looking forward to our future cooperation!

Ural clinical treatment and rehabilitation center

Everything was great! We'd like to thank all your team for an excellent work. We are really grateful to your interpreters and technical support for being extremely professional!

Ural Federal University

Japanese company, Chiyoda Corporation, greatly appreciates the supports provided by Business-Bureau of the Association of Interpreters for Innoprom 2017 – where Japan was the partner country. It was the first time for us to participate in the expo in Ekaterinburg, not well known in Japan, and had little idea how to make it a success. Your specialists with plenty of past experiences helped us a lot, studied our materials in advance, and explained about our company’s activities to all the visitors in a professional manner, which facilitated to maintain warm and vibrant atmosphere all the time and mitigated my burden as a company representative. We are fully satisfied with the outcome.

Some other Japanese companies who also took part in the Innoprom asked me about you, and all envied me for having your support.

Thanks again to all the staff of BBAI! Looking forward to the next opportunity to work together.

Y.Hara, Chiyoda Corporation
We are proud of our clients and their achievements

We love our job and gather professionals in the language industry

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Business Bureau of the Association of Interpreters was established in Ekaterinburg very soon after the city had been open for foreign visitors, in 1994.

The main areas of our work are translation and interpreting services. Our dedicated team includes the most talented and qualified translators and interpreters possessing extensive working experience. Nowadays, expert translators and interpreters are highly appreciated in the companies working with international partners, at the international events and during the excursions with the foreign guests visiting the area. Business Bureau of the Association of Interpreters will carefully select the knowledgeable specialists for each given project in translation or interpreting.

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